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When the Music Stops

Earlier this year I went to an estate sale.  Someone had passed away and their heirs were selling off the remaining possessions.  It was a lovely home, but nothing that unusual until you went into the back rooms.  Then it became quite obvious that the person who had lived here was obsessed with music.  There were records, tapes, and CDs in book cases, covering tables, and in boxes all over the place.  There had to be thousands of albums.  Every type of music you could imagine from opera to metal.  And there were dozens of stereos, record players, CD players, boom boxes etc.  For this person who was so passionate and focused on hearing songs, the music had stopped.  There was no way for him to take all the recordings that he loved with him.  I hope that the person who had lived there awoke to a beautiful new song of praise to God.

What will happen to you when the music stops?  If you are not sure, hear this.

Though the music stops, you can still have a song.

Psalms 118:14 says,The LORD is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.”

Do you look to things on this earth to satisfy you?  Though he greatly loved them, the person who had lived in that house could not take his recordings with him.  The things of this earth are fleeting.  What things of this world do you love?  Where is your song?

The LORD can be your song, your new song.  When you are at your weakest, He can be your strength.  He can be the joy of your heart when all other music ceases.  Turn away from the things of this world, trust in Him with all your heart, and let Him become your salvation.  He will forever be the song of your heart.

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Ed Brill

Mr. Brill has spent many years as a tool engineer for plastic injection molds working closely with craftsmen. This experience has given him unique insight into the character traits involved in craftsmanship. His engineering background has taught him to sort through things not readily apparent and get to the heart of the real issue. Mr. Brill has done a good deal of work on buildings, having remodeled an old house and having been on the board of trustees and then as a deacon at his church for many years. He has been a student and teacher of the Bible for many years as he serves in his local church.

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