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The most important resource available to you is the local church.  There are people there who care about you and who will help you in your spiritual walk.  If you are not currently attending a church, it is important that you contact a local church that believes in the truth of God’s Word.  They will be able to offer you encouragement and many other resources.

If you live in the Sterling, Illinois area, we would love to have you visit at Faith Baptist Church, 2005 Freeport Road.  

On the church’s web site,  you can access several resources.  There is a statement of doctrines held by the church, an explanation of salvation, a daily devotional, and access to many audio messages.

Picture of Ed Brill
Ed Brill

Mr. Brill has spent many years as a tool engineer for plastic injection molds working closely with craftsmen. This experience has given him unique insight into the character traits involved in craftsmanship. His engineering background has taught him to sort through things not readily apparent and get to the heart of the real issue. Mr. Brill has done a good deal of work on buildings, having remodeled an old house and having been on the board of trustees and then as a deacon at his church for many years. He has been a student and teacher of the Bible for many years as he serves in his local church.

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