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God is a Weight Lifter

“He causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth…”  Ps 135:7a The density of water is .03625 LBS per cubic inch.   Doesn’t seem like much, but multiply that times the 43,560 square feet in an acre and the weight of water covering an acre an inch deep becomes 227,383 LBS.  Now

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There are few people in our lives that are truly extraordinary; who touch our lives in significant ways; who are truly great friends.  God blesses us by bringing these people into our lives.  My son in law, Jacob, was one of these extraordinary people.  It is with tears that I write this because at a

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God’s Air Show

We recently went to an air show.  We marveled at the maneuvers the brave pilots put their airplanes through.  We enjoyed watching them do loops, rolls, spins and all sorts of other stunts.  It takes a special sort of person to be able to handle the dizzying ride and still keep control of the airplane.

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March of the Flowers

We have a rather large garden full of flowers at our house.  Spring time is my favorite time of year.  Everything is waking up from winter and coming back to life.  It makes me happy to see  the familiar flowers that I love.  First come the tulips, then dandelions (which are such a happy sight),

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What Does the Great Pyramid Tell Us?

In this world, there are a number of mysteries that we do not understand.  One of these is the great pyramid in Egypt.  People speculate endlessly about who built it.  How could people so long ago have been able to quarry around 2 million stones using crude tools?  How could they have cut the stones

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